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Just this past Sunday a couple visited our church.  They still go to our former church (spiritual formation/transformation church).  We were once in a small group together, and we really enjoyed time with this couple.  They have two children who are getting old enough to go to the youth group.  I commend these parents, they are involved with their children and followed them to the youth group.  This is where they have discovered enough problems to begin a church search just to see what else is out there.  The complaints I have heard are that the message and all the activities don’t always make any sense.  Things are disjointed, and the gospel is not clearly being taught through the activities and fluff.   There are so many distractions.  Apparently, one Sunday, the youth minister was speaking and there was a video playing in the background.  It was people falling, crashing into things, and getting hurt.  The mother could see no reason for this, and thought it wasn’t funny at all.  The parents have also complained that the youth room is often littered with trash because these teens will not use proper manners and clean up after themselves.  I recall the youth didn’t go to their church time with bibles and the girls often wore inappropriate clothing.  Rarely, were teens ever in “big church” with the adults.  We are so happy we are no longer there, it sounds like it is as bad as I thought.


I am so giddy, and I have high hopes.  I love to see people leave that environment.  I spoke to my pastor when I saw them at church, and let him know our past with this couple.  He knows many people have left that church including our family.  He’s always seeing people visit from my former church.  He commented something like this, “you’d think they’d try to figure out what they are doing is wrong since they are bleeding out.”   Yeah, you’d think.


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It’s clear to me why those who want to change church focus on youth so hard to the exclusion of other groups really…because they really want to win over the future.  The trend in churches is to have seperate youth ministry, and to pull kids away from their parents.  This way, the pretrained youth workers can present whatever they want and change the kids first.  This is why so much training happens at Youth Front.  If you can get the youth ministers at churches to change, then you can change those churches.  Waiting out the old people who will leave or die means your philosophy of church wins.

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What exactly is this guy saying?


I see that the attempt has been made (and it has happened in many places) to deconstruct church. Now he’s feeling stagnation? He cannot tell, are they reconstructing now? What in the world is the narrative? I am so tired of hearing about “story” when referencing God’s word and the actual account of events in the Bible. I think “story” or “narrative” are sloppy ways to describe the events in the Bible when used as many use them lately. Am I just splitting hairs here? And then the quote near the end of the entry…

“Chris Wright in his book,The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative , refers to as our mission. There, Wright defines it as “our committed participation as God’s people, at God’s invitation and command, in God’s own mission within the history of God’s world for the redemption of God’s creation” (page23). Perhaps this ought to be the bold, bright font placed strategically on our dashboard as the thing we are “trying to do in the first place.”

I just have to say, “huh?” Sometimes people are so deep they loose me, and maybe so deep they drown in their own magnificent depth. Isn’t our “mission” given us by God to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, ” and “Love your neighbor as yourself’ and even “go into all the world and preach the good news” (it’s late, please forgive these partial quotes of scripture, I should do better…

At any rate, anything unclear and rambly looses me right away. Is that definition of mission just a bit weird or fuzzy to you? If you know a bit about the way things are going, sadly, the fuzzy is focused and seems to be leading somewhere. It would be to much to say where…

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I read through the 100 ideas for Youth Workers on the Youth Specialites web page and noticed words/terms/names not used at all in the list.

Missing are:  God, Bible, Christ, Salvation, Sin, Faith, Death, Hell, Devotion(s), Jesus, Holy Spirit, Believe, Repent, Prayer

Not Missing:  Church, Adult, MTV, Rolling Stone, Frisbee, Football, Surveys, Space, Phone Chain, Goals, Worship, Retreats

Here’s the link:


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