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I remember as a teen, I attended a church in my small town.  We’d have Sunday school in people’s houses, and then have service at church.  We’d discuss topics or bible verses.  I recall we were speaking of end times events, and one hypothetical was, “if someone told you to deny Christ, what would tempt you to do so?”  We talked about the fact that Christians are always persecuted, and there were those who said it would be hard but they think if their own lives were at stake, they’d just have to stand strong.  However, one woman was brutally honest.  She said, “you know, for my own life, I would have no problem dying for Christ.  I would waver though if they killed my kids in front of me.”   You know, I recall that moment as one when I really understood what evil is capable of.  If your weakest link is your children, then it may be your children the devil goes for.  If you fear torture, or something else, that would be likely. 

I recall as telling a college friend I feel someday I could be hiding out with my family because I’m willing to stand up for my faith, and won’t deny Christ.  I also recall saying, the worst would be the time when I’m old and my protests won’t even matter.  They’ll just say I’m senile.  I can hope I will not experience any of this, and maybe I won’t.  However, the day will come when Christians everywhere will be persecuted in larger numbers than ever before.  There are brothers and sisters around the world tonight that are being persecuted and martyred.  Think ahead, think of the thing that might make you falter.  Make up your mind now, just in case you need to be prepared.  Then remember, Christ wins in the end and if you are in Him, you will have a secure future.


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