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I found this interview to be somewhat revealing.

I see the thought is that we can do something to grow in grace, that we can get somewhere to grace in spiritual disciplines. The claim is “the Christian disciplines as avenues to grace…” I thought Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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A wise woman gave me food for thought.  In the “Welcome the Critics” comment she warned that I could be opening myself up as a platform to contemplatives looking for blogs that speak up against contemplative and emerging.  While I do allow some comments, I will not just welcome the critics as my previous post states.  I do not need to spend my life answering people who will not be interested in change or who will use new age terms that will desensitize the public.  One example, “With God life” slipped right by me as I do not know all this contemplative language.  I was informed this language is from Richard Foster who promotes contemplative prayer and favorably sites authors who openly practice it.  This space is not open for this promotion.  I will moderate comments, and will be more careful what I copy and paste in my own postings.

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