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I never want to get pride when it comes to my status in Christ.  Though I see error in our former church and it’s leadership, I also can see myself easily loose focus on Christ and the scriptures.  I can easily see how prideful I could get, how easily hateful.  I question myself often, examine myself, and pray God show me where I am wrong.  I have found this issue of what has crept into the church to be very complicated.  There are those who are saved, but who are currently caught up in all this.  There are those who I thought were saved, but who are misleading the flock.  There are those who have puposely infiltrated to change it all, who may even know they aren’t really Christians so much as they are “making this religion” better…fit in with some outside plan.  I was one who was caught for a while, deceived.  One who knew something was bothering me, and it took a while to see it.  Immature despite my years as a Christian. 

I pray so much in my heart for those who are in churches and are not seeing it right now, hearing candy when they need meat.  Sadly, there is a form of meat being brought forward, but it’s not for human consumption.  I’ve noticed my former pastor is very focused on mentioning how opposition will come if you are doing the right thing.  This is at least two messages in a row now, he’s very strong on it.  We are the opposition to his right thing.  We’re not the only ones.  Read this paragraph, see how strong the message…

” And this one will become painfully obvious over the next

weeks. Look with me at 2:9-10. READ. Remember those names. You are going to read them a lot in the weeks





Nothing significant… will ever fly unopposed. Nothing God calls us to that is eternally

important is going to fly on this earth without antagonism and conflict. Get ready. Prepare. Gird your loins.

Anything the people of God seek to do that will advance the King’s Agenda will be opposed. Nothing of lasting

significance is going to be accomplished without opposition. In our church, in your life, in my life… nothing that

will count for eternity is going to happen without the opposition of Satan or the friction of a sinful world system.

Count on it. Nothing you long to do for God that is of eternal value and will bring God great glory will happen

without hostility and resistance.”

So, in perspective, the pastor is saying resistance to what’s going on in their church is Satan’s opposition….friction of a sinful world system.  Yes, the church gets resistance.  Yes, it gets downright persecution.  However, two people who come to you with concerns that we had are not automatically from Satan, not necessarily lax Christians who don’t want to follow God’s will, not necessarily sinning.  Is it possible you can get resistance from some members (a certain percentage) within the church who are actually NOT of Satan?  The ones I know who left before us do not seem to be acting from sin, but from a serious concern of actually sin in the sermons…or in the actions  of the leadership, or in the focus of the church, etc. 




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