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Sermons online

I’ve noticed a few things.  First, the one major sermon where the pastor said the strangest things…is still not up on the church web page.  Last weeks sermon is also not up.  Usually, by midweek, the sermon is up with notes.   I really do like to read the notes just to see the progression of where they are headed.  It is a good education for me.  It will help me if a future church begins to head in the same direction.  One woman, who has decided to stay on, had been in Paggitt’s church before it changed.  She began to notice the changes one Sunday while they were singing.  It was nothing anyone did at that time, but she felt God really spoke to her and said, “hey, pay attention, look around.”  She began to do so and was disturbed when she figured it all out.  She said our old church was in the beginning stages of this.  Her hope is that by staying, she can help educate people as to the problems.  I hope it works out for her, as well as others we know who are aware and have chosen to stay.  I am now not a part of that church, and have sent off my final letter.  The only impact I can have now is on any person who wants to know why we left.  I don’t know why I still want to know what’s going on except that I do hope the church turns things around, and of course to prepare for the future in case I have problems like this again.

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