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We have realized many people in the church we now attend used to go to our former church.  One such family attended when some of my little ones were in Awana at the former church.  L was the Cubbies game time leader, and he always made it fun for my children.  J was the song leader (I don’t remember if she was in Cubbies, but she did it with older kids).  J also helped with children’s choirs and likely in other areas.  Both are serious about their faith in Christ and about raising their children in a Christian environment.  They left a few years ago.  I have since learned some of the issues for them involved their children.  They wanted a sound Biblical foundation and it just wasn’t quite there at the former church.  You have to actually go to a church with a good Biblical teaching sometimes to see the difference, and they say they have.  J is not only a servant to children in the church, she also is a public school teacher.  The children adore her, she’s a wonderful teacher.  

 J has leukemia.  It’s been a battle, and L says J hasn’t been able to attend church since Mother’s Day last year.  She’s had ups and downs, and the doctors have fought for her.  The family has gone out of it’s way to also not expose her to germs, sometimes not visiting her for fear of making her ill.  They have taken every precaution possible.  Now J is loosing her battle and has been given a few weeks to a few months to live.  Her body is fighting with host cells, and it’s caused damage to her bowels.  They stopped treatment, and of course the cancer cells are showing in tests.  The doctors are now at “we cannot do anything but keep her comfortable.”

The family has been visiting J and spending all the time with her they can.  So far she is actually feeling a bit better given that treatments have stopped, but this will not be for long and better is relative to how terrible she felt before.  The prayer L passed on is for the girls, that they will not weaken in their faith in the Lord because of this.  I have no doubt actually that they will be okay, but it’s his prayer.  I also pray for the family that they will have great times in the last weeks ahead.  If God would provide a miracle, wonderful!  We can pray for that.  However, if He decides to go ahead and allow J to die, I pray for her family and their adjustment to seperation from such a great mother and Christian woman.


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Please pray for a couple who are friends of ours from our former church.  They have been very involved and remain so for the time being.  They have been asking tough questions in delicate and not so delicate ways in order to challenge and ascertain why…if this is a church focusing on youth and keeping them in the church…that many of the leadership’s children are running into a clearly emergent church.  This after the lead pastor said in a sermon that the church was ” not emergent” and that those who say it is or is leaning that way (he was referencing us) are telling lies from the pit of hell.  They have become alarmed with things and are trying to get pastors to really ask themselves some hard questions, from what I can tell.  Hard road.

Well, they were recently in a car accident and the wife has a “slight fracture” in her neck.  She’s in a brace for 6 weeks but can be home.  The husband really hurt his knee.  This is very stressful for them as they have other health issues.  It seems to me, and this is just me, that every time they ask a few questions they are either struck with some ailment or something like this happens.  When we were going through our deeper questions, they were often out of church for illness and didn’t hear the pastor’s sermons to back up what we heard.  They would have to do the cumbersome job of listening online which meant waiting half the week until it was posted.  If they were sick (brochitis, oh and so many other things…) it was hard enough to listen.  They were so gracious to us, and did try very hard to follow what we were saying.  Now that they are asking their own questions, I was hoping they wouldn’t have to battle physical ailments (well, I was hoping they wouldn’t anyway, but especially now).   I am worried for them as life has been very tough for them.  Please pray.

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