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I think the time is here and past.  I am no one, not some prophet crying out.  I’m just a Christian lady, but I have to say this, I agree with those who believe churches in America are bringing judgement upon themselves.  I am not speaking of the true Church, mind you, though there is still a remnant here in our nation.  We will be walking through this judgement too, but it’s those who have twisted scripture and lied to us that will be judged, and those who want to remain in the lie that will be judged.  It’s going to likely cause more persecution for the true church actually.  It will be hard to find truth in all those mega church wanna be buildings out there.  It will be harder to find comfort for the souls sitting in those numbered chairs.  Sure, they’ll feel good on Sunday morning when they sing and raise their hands, but what of the rest of the week?  Numb to the decay in their souls?  Numb from prescriptions taken to hide the pain?  Numb from socials and planning and work to be done?

I know an easy way to numb yourself….screen time!   Meanwhile, our nation is being taken over and when we do wake up, we’ll find our liberty gone.  Those who stand for Christ and who really want to be Christians, well, we’ll be quite unpopular around here.  The Christian nation will become something else entirely.  Muslim, atheist, whatever…these will be used to futher judge.  There will be a time of seperating.  There may not be an America left for hiding.  We may be a small lot, we may be a secluded lot.  We may end up underground. 

Of course, this is just an opinion and I am not speaking from a direct knowledge of anything.  I do know feelings (and they cannot always be trusted)…but in my gut I sense a terrible darkness.  With all that’s going on in our government, and all that’s going on in the church, it’s like God has turned from our America and is letting it go.  So now there are Christians sitting in the USA who are going to have to cling to Jesus, read the scriptures, and pray.  We have to wait to see what else needs to be done.  We have to choose not to compromise.  We have to teach our children well, they’ll need the strength that only God can give to stand when tested. 

This is not the world I knew when I was a girl, it’s not the same America anymore.


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I am no prophet.  I claim no wisdom.  I am nothing.  However, I believe the call to repentance is so quiet around here.  The church needs to humble itself and repent.  We should not pray for revival.  We should not pray for our kingdom to grow.  We should not pray seeking God’s purpose for our lives.  We should be face down in our own tears and drool, dirty and breathing only dust and not mantras.  We should be ashamed for our part in allowing the church to turn away from God. 

I speak from personal experience.  I have been too comfortable.  I have been blind, been sitting and nodding away as the pastors have spoken from the books of men.  They have woven a story about God and tried to sell it to me.  I ate it and I am ashamed.  I do not think I was worthy to see the truth, do not think I was anything wise or special.  I did not trust when I was given warnings.  I did not confront soon enough. 

Read and study the Bible, God’s word.  Do not trust even the most famous pastor, the most kindly servant.  Watch, listen, and be a Berean.  Pray for your leaders and pastors.  Pray for humility on your part and on theirs.  Pray for unity and love in the right way and not in a compromised way.  Pray God will discipline those He loves, and they will soften their hearts and return to Him.  Most especially, pray for guidance and wisdom…in dealing with this current generation and in church.

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