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I’ve been sharing bits of my experiences on Team Pyro and now I’ve gone and shot myself in the foot.  I want to share that blog spot on facebook with my former church friends, it’s got some meat in it and besides, it points readers to scripture…comment hogs  like me are challenged to prove it with scripture (and even the not so hoggy).  Details I’ve posted could sound familiar to people from my former church, and I really mean to keep things anonymous.  It’s my one way to not bash the former church home by name out there.  My thoughts here don’t need to be aired to those in my former church (save a few choice friends). 

I am learning that I need to generalize more.  I need to THINK before I respond.  Geesh, how many lessons does it take before I wise up?  If I were 16 I’d have an excuse for my behavior, but I’m older.


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