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I was on the steering committee of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in it’s founding year at our old church about six years ago.  I recall being frustrated with the idea that speakers should not mention the Bible often, that talks should not be “preachy.”  I expressed concern about this, and was told women who came to MOPS might not be Christians so we don’t want to drive them away.  Even though I saw the point to a certain extent, I did not like the policy.  The elder woman who spoke often would inevitably share Christ though she always had to tame things down a notch.  She had been a strong Christian all her life, so it just came out no matter what she did.  Now, if you write for MOPS, their webpage warns to write things from a “biblical but not doctrinal perspective.”   “Please avoid Christian jargon and use biblical quotes sparingly.”  To me, this is a dead giveaway that MOPS, though it would seem to be a Christian organization, actually is an organization with some Christian beginnings, and some Christian themes…but it’s not actually Christian.  It’s trying to get away from Christ as the center just like many other churches and organizations are now doing.

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