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It’s clear to me why those who want to change church focus on youth so hard to the exclusion of other groups really…because they really want to win over the future.  The trend in churches is to have seperate youth ministry, and to pull kids away from their parents.  This way, the pretrained youth workers can present whatever they want and change the kids first.  This is why so much training happens at Youth Front.  If you can get the youth ministers at churches to change, then you can change those churches.  Waiting out the old people who will leave or die means your philosophy of church wins.


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I will post more on this later, but suffice it to say we are no longer going to the church of our membership.  We entered membership in one church, and it is no longer the same.  It feels like I’ve rejected my very family.  I saw the old lead pastor who is now a pastor of a different department after his sermon and just told him, “I love you…you’ll understand more later, but I love you.”  He told me he’d pray for me.  It puzzled him, I know it.  Now I pray for him.  It’s like I’m disowning my own father when I leave this man, in a way.  I mean, he doens’t know me very well because of our big church, and I don’t know him well either.  However, my affection for him was as that of a father or dear uncle.  He just is a precious man who is now bringing the New Age movement right into our church through “missional” and Rick Warren, and Dallas Willard.  He sincerely, along with other leaders, felt that our churched people, our knowledgeable Christians were getting too comfortable and not serving.  Therefore, they sought a new plan.  They found missional, they found 40 Days of Purpose, they were sold a lie.  Now they have to live in it and it’s going to be hard to unstick the barnacles that go with it.

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