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I am personally embarassed I missed it.  I thought Rick Warren was making some sort of jab or point at people who would have a problem with him praying in the name of Jesus, so he went into overkill by stating the name of Jesus in a few different ways.  I didn’t listen closely, which is easy to do when you are home schooling four children and have two under the age of four to keep track of.  I didn’t read the transcript, and only today have seen the full transcript.  Who is this Isa?  From what I’ve read, it’s not the Jesus of the Bible.  Lovely.   For all who think Rick Warren did a fine job, and for all who think he maybe made a few mistakes in his books and believe he really is one who follows the true Jesus of the Bible, pay attention.  I am ashamed I missed it completely.  I knew the prayer wasn’t going to be quite right based on past experience with Warren, but that ending got right by me.  No discernment.  I’m ashamed.   Those who praise Warren on this should be too.  Slick guy, that Warren.  Slick.  GRRRRRRRR!


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