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As I read about market crashes and planned craziness with the upcoming change from one president to the next, I am remembering that God is in control. He has a plan, He will allow what He will allow. It’s tempting to begin to fear, to become frightened by what will happen to Christians everywhere. It’s tempting to fear the loss of income, the oppression, the blatant in your face lewdness even beyond what we know now. It’s especially easy to become afraid for my children and for their future. I personally sometimes dwell on the thoughts of what it would be like to suffer persecution (real persecution and not this little bit of annoyance I’ve experienced before) with several children in tow including a nursling. Fear may seem justified, but when I begin to entertain fright, I know where to run. When in doubt, I choose faith. When I fear, I choose God’s strength and His shelter. No matter what happens, He is. I can rest in Him. Truthfully, I know that even when I might think I’m choosing, I’m not choosing, the Lord has mercifully given me the faith and the strength. He is protecting me. I believe He has brought to my mind the recall that we are not to worry about what we shall eat, what we shall wear. He will provide. If we are to be truly persecuted, He will even provide the words for us to say.


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Thank God He’s in control, because Reuters reports a story about the economic crisis being the best opportunity for a New World Order.  Sound familiar?  Anyone see all those scary end times movies at church camp when you were a kid?   Ever think anyone would be so obvious to use the term “New World Order?”  I’ve heard it before, Bush Sr. maybe.  But still, it’s getting kinda interesting in these parts.  Oh, glad God knows what He’s doing!


Check also this article from Lighthouse Trails Research:


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