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Christians are struggling out there.  Some are figuring out that their church is heading into the emergent church, or is following after Warren’s plans.  Some are being hurt for standing up in their churches and speaking out.  They are breaking away, and trying to find a place to worship and fellowship.  Some do find churches where they fit, churches where the pastor is preaching the gospel and is challening it’s members with the Bible.  Some are finding places where their children can grow.  Still others are heading into churches that will be the same church they left a few years down the line.  I see people who figured out our former church has real problems, but they don’t get the whole picture.  They go right into another church that is doing the same things at an earlier stage.  Some also have decided to give up on church.   I understand where they are.  It’s easy to give up completely.  I have thought about doing that myself.  People have let us down, leaders have taught wrongly.  We cannot trust ourselves to have proper discernment, after all, we’ve been fooled…some for years.  I can understand it, but I cannot do it.  It’s too important to meet together.  I believe the Holy Spirit opened my eyes, and led my family out of our former church.  He will lead us to the right church.  We just have to have faith.


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