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Thank God He’s in control, because Reuters reports a story about the economic crisis being the best opportunity for a New World Order.  Sound familiar?  Anyone see all those scary end times movies at church camp when you were a kid?   Ever think anyone would be so obvious to use the term “New World Order?”  I’ve heard it before, Bush Sr. maybe.  But still, it’s getting kinda interesting in these parts.  Oh, glad God knows what He’s doing!


Check also this article from Lighthouse Trails Research:



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I wish I had a connections here…of many people who could share their thoughts on the current signs of the end.  Since this account is new for me, I am in a place of thinking almost exclusively to myself.  At any rate, I do think there are signs of, if not the end, an impending time of great tribulation or trial.  With just economic considerations, large scale food problems, we are in a time when those who can save and stock up should.  It’s just how I feel based on what I see.  Food shortages are happening in the poorest of poor countries.  Prices are up everywhere, and even in the richest of nations.  In the United States, I think we are naive, this is the summer of waste.  We should be cutting back, saving, and hemming in.  At best, we should be giving and helping rather than spending on ourselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I do see people trying to save a bit…taking the bus instead of driving, holding off on the air conditioning for a while.  Yet, we’re still concerned with weeds in our yards, with make up on our faces, and with clean cars.  If things really do crash, and this is a time of great suffering, the middle class Americans will suffer over our lack of moderation.

So, slowing economy and food shortages aside, we’ve got issues in the Church.  I’m aware that we’ve been prideful, and we think our ability to stay busy makes our church a good, Godly place.  We are not humble before the Lord.  I do not know any more of an answer for the Church than to turn to Christ and repent.  That’s all I can think of right now.

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