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kid gets it…

Adding a new blog to my blogroll.  So far I like what I read.  We’ll see…


I think Apprising Ministries linked to him.

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A wise woman gave me food for thought.  In the “Welcome the Critics” comment she warned that I could be opening myself up as a platform to contemplatives looking for blogs that speak up against contemplative and emerging.  While I do allow some comments, I will not just welcome the critics as my previous post states.  I do not need to spend my life answering people who will not be interested in change or who will use new age terms that will desensitize the public.  One example, “With God life” slipped right by me as I do not know all this contemplative language.  I was informed this language is from Richard Foster who promotes contemplative prayer and favorably sites authors who openly practice it.  This space is not open for this promotion.  I will moderate comments, and will be more careful what I copy and paste in my own postings.

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Wow.  I have a comment on here telling me that:

“sometimes the best thing that can happen to a church trying to move beyond the evangelical-cultural understanding of “bible-based” teaching and into a more meaningful expression of what it means to live the “with-God life” as a community – is to have people like you go somewhere else and critique some other pastor from your pedestal.”

Wow.  Ouch. 

I will say that if I were just about critique this comment would be fair.  We are to respect those God has placed in leadership over us.  I absolutely do love and respect my pastors.  I grieve, grieve, grieve the fact that their focus is off the gospel lately.  They (and I would say not all ) have begun to focus more on mission rather than on the gospel, on Christ.  It’s not okay to take the foundations for granted.  I am not just being critical.  I’m not asking that we get rid of the screen at the front of the church during music time, I’m not asking for us to take communion more times a month or less, or asking for us to change every little thing.  I am asking that my pastors do not bring another gospel or a different religion into Christianity.   I do need to share my struggles and concerns with the church pastors.  I should do this in love.  I am not free of sin, free of pride.  I am no one, only Christ is supreme, and is perfect.  I have to walk humbly.  I do believe though, that in this case, I am dealing thougthfully with my church.  I have not intentionally written my pastors’ names here, not interested in tarnishing their reputations.  I also believe what I am writing can be helpful to others, so I am sharing my thoughts here.  I may sound critical, but I see that I am being like a Berean and taking what is said back to the Bible itself.  Does it match up?  Not all the time.  That is what I’m taking to task.  I thank my critic for the reminder, I need to tread boldly and carefully in love.

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