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Today I saw a woman from our former church.  Last time I saw her we were about to leave the former church but did not share this information with her and her husband.  We were not openly plunking reasons out in the lobby of the church on that last day to everyone we saw though it was tempting and we wanted to so badly.  Well, our kids are both taking some standardized tests, so we had a little time to chat.  We both just talked about our children and lives.  She was about to leave (of course there were many mothers in this area too, some may or may not be going to our former church…you never know) but said to me, “where are you going to church?’  I told her, and she realized some others who went to our former church had made their way to this particular church.  She then commented that it sure seemed like a lot of people have left my former church (can I just say I leap a little inside when I hear this, but then recall that people leave for good reasons and bad reasons and for no reason at all).  She talked about how many reasons seemed like conflicts with individuals or specific personal issues.  She opened it up.  I did share a bit, that we really had been asked NOT to share why we left.  I did also say that it was the teaching that we struggled with.  I then backed up saying many elders and one pastor were great to us (which is true) but I was trying to soften the issues.  I then said that each family has to decide for themselves.  Also true, but again it’s a way to give her comfort for attending a church that needs a lot of redirection to get back on focus to Christ.  I hate when I lay it out there, and then don’t really do what I should which is stick 100% to what I said.  I do want to be careful, but sometimes I get asked why I left and out pops some right to the point statement that I can tell shocks.  Then I begin to soften it.    Uncomfortable.  I didn’t expect her actually to ask, so I really wasn’t prepared.


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I am personally embarassed I missed it.  I thought Rick Warren was making some sort of jab or point at people who would have a problem with him praying in the name of Jesus, so he went into overkill by stating the name of Jesus in a few different ways.  I didn’t listen closely, which is easy to do when you are home schooling four children and have two under the age of four to keep track of.  I didn’t read the transcript, and only today have seen the full transcript.  Who is this Isa?  From what I’ve read, it’s not the Jesus of the Bible.  Lovely.   For all who think Rick Warren did a fine job, and for all who think he maybe made a few mistakes in his books and believe he really is one who follows the true Jesus of the Bible, pay attention.  I am ashamed I missed it completely.  I knew the prayer wasn’t going to be quite right based on past experience with Warren, but that ending got right by me.  No discernment.  I’m ashamed.   Those who praise Warren on this should be too.  Slick guy, that Warren.  Slick.  GRRRRRRRR!

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