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Despite our family’s circumstances and decision to leave our former church, it is not that we believe all are lost.  We cannot know the hearts of men or what God knows about their individual faith or salvation.  For this reason, I am sure many in our former church are brothers and sisters in Christ.  Leadership may be as well…pastors, staff.  I would say it’s not likely that any church has 100% who are chosen believers, there will always be tares.  I would also say that a pastor can still be saved and yet mistaken in his preaching in some areas.  

I believe God opens the eyes of His sheep in His time so they can see the teaching of wolves, whether it’s sheep unaware who are teaching or it’s wolves who will push the agenda forward.  I personally struggle because one particular pastor has fruits that indicate possible wolf status.  It’s hard for me not to write him off completely.  I do think some of the elders may also be in this category, though I don’t know enough of their personal fruits to see it.  Sadly, there are also likely some in the church we know who believe they are saved but aren’t due to improper teaching.  I don’t know if it’s our role to do more than point out error in teaching, confront sin directly as it’s seen.  It is for God to judge the hearts, we can only judge the fruits.    

I do believe though assuming a pastor or leader is actually a Christian saved by grace through faith in Christ is not wise either.  Just because one says they are a Christian doesn’t make it so.  Where to draw the line in my own head?  I don’t know that I need to know so much as I need to just listen and see where a teacher/pastor is coming from based on their teaching and their fruits.  If I point out the fruits, the error, and pray, what more to do?

I have so much to learn!


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Precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray for you as you hold out hope for change. It is my hope you are right to stay, in that you can make a difference and snatch some if not many from the fire as wolves have come in to steal away those who would, for whatever reason, remain blind. I understand this hope, I too hold out hope. I beg the Lord for your protection from sin in the situations in which you remain. It is easy to become bitter. It is easy to justify sinful behavior and thoughts when scripture is mishandled, when people are mislead, when you are discouraged, when propoganda flows from the pulpit. I also ask the Lord to give you courage to stand when He desires, and to recognize that standing up for truth is not sin though it is often misnamed as such. I pray wisdom for you as you take each step, choose who to open up to, and choose what to do next. I understand how confusing the situation can be. Please to not loose heart, God is in control no matter what happens and He is also watching over you. I pray as you discern what is truly happening in your congregation and realize how far reaching the same spirit is in the world, you will be comforted as you feel heart sick over it all. I beg the Father on your behalf for you to find an ally, and possibly many allies to hold your hand, pray with you, to give Godly counsel, and to lift you us as you continue to fight for truth. I pray you will stand firm when you are personally attacked, and that you any ill spoken of you will only show the idiocy of the speaker. I pray you are convicted to remain in prayer and to search the scriptures daily. My hope is for you boldly proclaim the Gospel, and to stand firm.

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