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Normally I don’t make political posts here, but I cannot avoid posting this.  The world governments haven’t scared so many before.  Conspiracy theory is not just an underground thing anymore.  At the G20 summit, the photos make it look like a bunch of frat boys at a party, meanwhile they are agreeing to things that will put money all over the world under control of who?  I can assure you the Saudi President won’t go for it…neither will many other nations.  America is walking off a cliff people.  Walking off a cliff.  Home of the free?  I don’t think we’re going to gain anything in this collapse of freedom.  I used to push these thoughts and feelings down because I thought I was paraniod, and didn’t want to trust all this panic.  It’s getting harder to do this now.  I am throwing my voice in here, we’re in trouble.  I believe it’s like this, we’re in trouble because we let it go and now God is letting us go.  It’s amazing how fast it can happen.  It’s like we’re setting up for a world leader to take over, America is going down, and not one shot is fired.  The terrorists must be celebrating.  Their work is so easy.  If they only knew the cost to them though.  Those who want a free America to fall will come and get the terrorists too.  They would have to obey also.  They are only useful for so long. 

Conspiracy theory or reality?  You can decide for yourself.  Time will tell.  I hope I am wrong, so wrong.


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my sweet
are you so tired
in your youth
drunk with libation
brought down with
as to where you’ve gone
your eyes have seen
what they should not
your ears have heard
far too much
your boundaries
broken through
you have touched
and breathed in
sweet America
the Great and mighty
home of the brave
and the profane
you are like a rebelious child
refusing discipline
you began in duality
to conquer souls
to conquest treasures
for God and for money
nothing much has changed
except the standards
set forth and founded
have been legally
stretched and broken
Sweet America
you are still searching
for gold
for the fountain of youth
and still trying to worship
and live right
and dream those dreams
you wanted it all
your children
live duality
insanity of selfishness
drunk on power
seeking more
and yet
brothers and sisters
work to make you pure
to wash you
so you glisten
Will you stand
and fight
or will you bow
in your shame
to be abused
and confined
you loved Liberty
sweet America
home of the brave
or home of the cowards
where is the faith,
the faith that will save you?
by Christianlady

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