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This Sunday, I had been lamenting the weeks we’ve missed church due to summer activities we volunteer for out of town.  Well, we went to church and it was a wonderful sermon from the gospel of John.  The pastor spoke of our Lord and the crucifixion.  Remembering his death, the love he had for the thief, the promise of paradise, the horror of our sin, the power of Christ to give up his own life, the prophecies fulfilled in the events, all of it was powerful in one sermon.


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Cannot Wait

We’ve been volunteering for a family friendly canoe livery “ministry” on a river one state over, and it has taken our family out of church for many weeks this summer.  Though I still am not “clicking” and feeling involved in church, I still cannot wait to get back.  This weekend we are home and not on the road.  Hope they don’t think we’ve abandoned them.

On another note, we have so many kiddos and some are growing up.  Because of this our week nights are getting full with activities.  This is only allowed because we homeschool the bulk of the kids and get to be with them most of the time.  It does mean though that weekday bible study with other adults is next to impossible.   Even if both parents are home, we loose our older kids as baby sitters.  So this means we loose out.  I think this would be the one way we could get more involved and get to know people better.  This getting into the local body is so hard.  At least the people of the church are still very kind to us and go out of their way to make us feel welcome.  Is it too terrible I wish there was a better building layout so there was more time and a better place for face time on Sunday morning?  Not a coffee shop, but just some place to sit down and have pot luck meals?

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