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I hate my sin.  I love God.  I know I am saved by grace through faith.  I cannot wait until I do not have this flesh.   Even when I am better than I was, there’s always some “not so bad” sin still there, slapping me in the face, reminding me that I am a stupid human.  After new baby and tired body, and with too much time on my computer rather than doing what I should be doing, I find I can loose my temper.  I yelled at my husband (who by the way is not the type to deserve being yelled at!).  I said things without really thinking and let my own mouth just go.  What is the sense in that?  Blah, I don’t like myself and the sin that I wish never ever happened.  These days it’s my mouth!  I’m glad my husband forgives, and ever more glad I have forgiveness in Christ.  Still hurts to know I still sin against Him even with what I do know.


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