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The following I wrote on the fly really, as I was listening to today’s service at my former church.  This is notes, and some things aren’t quoted properly.  Statements may look like S. Smith but sometimes is speaking to the congregation in first person using words he thinks Christ might…sometimes he’s speaking and I’ve not really put it in quotes.  This is a rough draft and I may actually clean it up.  However, the enegry I expend on this sometimes drains me so much I don’t know if I can do it.  I have been sharing with a few friends I know, and my past reading on this subject allows me to understand “code words” others aren’t picking up on.  It’ s like knowing a Jehovah’s Witness thinks Jesus and Michael are one and the same, or that a Mormon believes women will keep having children forever and ever.  You can be using the same words and it means something completely different.  Forgive my notes and disoranized writing.  I have two sick kids (who may actually have H1N1…and with me pregnant, that is just a little bit of a distraction).   


Unfortunately, I have sick kids.  We aren’t attending church today.  Unfortunately, our church doesn’t have a live broadcast as does our former church.  So, I’m listening to our former church’s service.  I have a worried friend there who wishes she could leave.  Her husband doesn’t see her concerns.

Steven W. Smith is speaking today.  Already, he’s elevated Lazarus as the only man in the bible that it’s said, “the one whom Jesus loves.”  Steven W Smith proclaimed that it doesn’t even say that Jesus loves his disciples.  Really?  I thought that John states a phrase like this, “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  Huh. 

He is now speaking about why Jesus is lingering though life is terrible.  He is talking about Moses being led into the wilderness.  He’s talking about Mary and Martha also being led into the wilderness, who cannot on demand God to come by entitlement and save us from our problems.  We have to “wait on God” in the wilderness.  Why do we have to wait.  The etimology of the word “time” in the greek…Kronos…sequential time.  We think on demand. Kyros is what the bible uses, a “God appointed time.”  Jesus showed up at a God appointed time.  He’s going to wait that way for you even if you got the pink slip, even if you felt the lump in your throat…(whatever problem you have).  God shows up not according to our pushing or demanding that He show up.  In another deeper way as we wait upon the Lord something can happen to us.  Lamentations…”when life is heavy and hard to take go off by yourself, enter the silence, bow in prayer, don’t ask questions, wait for hope to appear.  Don’t run from trouble.  Take it full face.  The worst is never the worst.  Lamentations, do you know what that word means?  Lamentations means lamenting.  Lamentations…it’s almost as if you want to grab some of those words.  When life is heavy and hard to take, enter the silence.  Paul’s right there, don’t reach for your own demand button.  Silence has a way of reducing us, we can enter the silence and say, “what are you up to God.”  When we enter the silence our prayer just becomes “God what are you up to.”  Bow in prayer, that’s right, bow.  Bow because we must.  We don’t know the future, we don’t know what’s going to happen in our economy, I dont’ know what’s going to happen to my son in Iraq.  “You are God, I am not, I release my entitlement…and this is a hard one…don’t ask questions.”  Wait for hope to appear, don’t run from the trouble.  Dont’ run from teh trouble and seek out another church.  Let’s deal with something.  May we in our own grave clothes ask to be free.  Don’t run from the trouble. 

4 reasons why waiting is important:

1.  Waiting makes us exercise our faith in God.

“Jesus says I am the resurrection, not your employer”

2.  Waiting makes us God aware.

prayer I say every night…a prayer of St. Patrick “Christ be with us, Christ be before us, Christ be underneath us… (missed a bit of this) 

It is good to be god aware  Blessed are you when you are at the end of y0ur rope because there is less of you and more of God…a beattitude in Matthew 5 spoken by Jesus

3.    Waiting may be God’s way of protecting you

There are times in my life I may have made wrong choices…marriage, job.  It may be god protecting you from your choices.  Practice the sovereignty of God.  Just like Mary, Martha, Lazarus.  Romans 8:28 In all things God works together for good.  Jesus was trying to beg them trust me.  You have been laid off, Jesus says trust me.  You have adying parent, trust me.  This is how the spirit of God works.  I know as an American it should work differently.  It’s about God, it’s not about us.  It’s about His glory, not my strength.  Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength…It’s aparadox.  They will walk but they will not faint.  It’s  a spiritual biblical reality.  I invite you to wait with me.

Prayer offered (stand right now) reliquish control of your own demands…maybe your act of release can be an act of standing…I need to let go.  I need to let go of my life.  Stand before the Lord (I hear him recognize standers…all with eyes open????  We give it to you Lord because giving it to you we will be free, in waiting we will be free.  We will live in Jesus name, Amen

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