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It’s not about you and yet you are supposed to take the pen from God and write your own story as one small part of God’s metanarrative.  Get it?  No, me neither…

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I was recently contacted by someone who attends my former church but is not happy.  This person knows of us, and we’ve had conversations in the past…but long before our problems with the former church came up.  This person is exchanging online/email type contact and I am sharing much of my information and many web sites with.  Sadly, the rest of this person’s family does not see the problem, so for now this person is staying in the former church and serving where possible.  Funny how we’ve both come to the same conclusions completely independent of each other.  Of course, if you asked our former pastor, he’d say we are making connections that aren’t there and if we said the church was leaning emergent we’re telling “lies from the pit of hell.”  This person actually heard the pastor mention a couple (us) who was spreading rumors that the church is emergent or leaning emergent.  This person hasn’t listened to a sermon since that day.  I am praying….


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