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With all the homeschooling families out there, and considering the state of indoctrination in public schools these days, I’m beginning to wonder if there is a viable way for some reformed conservative types to start private schools?  Probably, there are some out there already.  I believe private school tuition would be prohibitive for us (we have MANY children).  We homeschool and use virtual public school at home.  So far we have a lot of control of the public school part of things, but I suspect this gap of control will be closing whether little by little or drastically I cannot say. 

The “Da.y of S-ile.nce” sponsored by the g&b&l&t& whatever group really bothers me.  Below is a part of what this day is about:

  • Adopt and implement a comprehensive anti-bu.lly.ing policy that enumerates categories such as race, gender, ethnicity, religion, s.e.xu-al orientation and g-e.n.der exp.res-sion/i.de-ntity.
  • Provide staff trainings to enable school staff to identify and address anti- name-calling, bullying and harassment effectively and in a timely manner.
  • Support student efforts to address {anti-g&l&b&t} bu.lly-ing and har-as–sm.ent on campus, such as the formation of a G…a-y-Str–ai..ght {group that allies together}.
  • Institute age-appropriate, factually accurate and inclusive curricula to help students understand and respect difference within the school community and society as a whole.
  • I do not think name calling is right no matter what.  However, what would constitute bullying?  Would expressing a dissenting opinion be bullying?  Would teasing a boy who dresses like a girl be bullying?   When training occurs in schools that is against the what the Bible teaches, what are Christian children to do?  I feel very strongly that we must stand up for our children and the right of Christian parents to teach that these behavior choices are wrong.  Would schools be supportive of Christians having a day to remember with tape on their mouths or face paint or whatever protesting all this special training?


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