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I am so glad

Someday we will no longer think about the errors, the problems in the church and the terrible tarnish of sin everyone carries around in this world.  Someday we will only know a sinless life, and we will no longer have the gulf that keeps us from God and eternal life.  We who believe and are saved will eternally be with God.  To see the scars, the glory of Christ, wow.  To know that I will no longer offend my Lord, imagine that!  To know that death is dead, and to know we will no longer be fighting the battles of the flesh and won’t be divided in our hearts and minds, that will be wonderful (and this language cannot really describe how that will be).  We won’t have to worry about whether someone is teaching incorrectly or not, whether we’re being lied to.  We won’t have a burden for lost souls any longer (I am not sure how this will be, all those we loved in this life who weren’t born again…).  Someday…


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