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Normally I don’t make political posts here, but I cannot avoid posting this.  The world governments haven’t scared so many before.  Conspiracy theory is not just an underground thing anymore.  At the G20 summit, the photos make it look like a bunch of frat boys at a party, meanwhile they are agreeing to things that will put money all over the world under control of who?  I can assure you the Saudi President won’t go for it…neither will many other nations.  America is walking off a cliff people.  Walking off a cliff.  Home of the free?  I don’t think we’re going to gain anything in this collapse of freedom.  I used to push these thoughts and feelings down because I thought I was paraniod, and didn’t want to trust all this panic.  It’s getting harder to do this now.  I am throwing my voice in here, we’re in trouble.  I believe it’s like this, we’re in trouble because we let it go and now God is letting us go.  It’s amazing how fast it can happen.  It’s like we’re setting up for a world leader to take over, America is going down, and not one shot is fired.  The terrorists must be celebrating.  Their work is so easy.  If they only knew the cost to them though.  Those who want a free America to fall will come and get the terrorists too.  They would have to obey also.  They are only useful for so long. 

Conspiracy theory or reality?  You can decide for yourself.  Time will tell.  I hope I am wrong, so wrong.


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