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For the short term, it seems the former church has changed a bit. They did spend an awful long time in Nehemiah. Now they’re working on themes of people in the passion story (using scriptures as they did before with a sermon series in a theme for about 6 weeks). However, the missional pastor is the one who has made a slight change. His sermons were previously padded with quotes from Donald Miller, Michael Frost, Warren, possibly Ortberg and others contemplative/emergent/seeker friendly. Listening to a recent sermon on the church web page made me smile. He made sure he quoted C.S. Lewis right away, and then went on to quote Piper. It was a great Piper quote too. It placed the purpose of the church not on missions, but on worship of God. No weird statements of “Christ coursing through your veins” or talking about the “Wholly Other.” It’s an improvement. How come it seems to me they are trying to reassure those left behind that they aren’t into the emergent authors? Real change would be a phone call saying “thank you” for us pointing out the problems. It would take a lot of humility for that one!


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