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I sent the link to the previous post to a friend and elder in the former church as well as to others.  No real intent there except to encourage people to read the verses from Purpose materials as the Bereans did.  The response was interesting from the elder/friend.  He doesn’t want to be forwarded criticism and why would I be involved in forwarding a critical view of the ministry of others? He’s afraid where this is leading…ugh.   Am I not afraid of “getting afield of being a loving member of the body?”  He wants me to pray about talking to him about it in the future.  Okay, really?  So, the Bereans were not loving in their careful study?  I guess watching out for error is unloving.  Again, my family loves this man and his family.  Obviously though, he doesn’t want to hear our thoughts.  I’ve heard it said a person often “doesn’t want to be confused with the truth.”    I am supposed to just shut up already!


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