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I am no prophet.  I claim no wisdom.  I am nothing.  However, I believe the call to repentance is so quiet around here.  The church needs to humble itself and repent.  We should not pray for revival.  We should not pray for our kingdom to grow.  We should not pray seeking God’s purpose for our lives.  We should be face down in our own tears and drool, dirty and breathing only dust and not mantras.  We should be ashamed for our part in allowing the church to turn away from God. 

I speak from personal experience.  I have been too comfortable.  I have been blind, been sitting and nodding away as the pastors have spoken from the books of men.  They have woven a story about God and tried to sell it to me.  I ate it and I am ashamed.  I do not think I was worthy to see the truth, do not think I was anything wise or special.  I did not trust when I was given warnings.  I did not confront soon enough. 

Read and study the Bible, God’s word.  Do not trust even the most famous pastor, the most kindly servant.  Watch, listen, and be a Berean.  Pray for your leaders and pastors.  Pray for humility on your part and on theirs.  Pray for unity and love in the right way and not in a compromised way.  Pray God will discipline those He loves, and they will soften their hearts and return to Him.  Most especially, pray for guidance and wisdom…in dealing with this current generation and in church.

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This really sounds similar to what I have gone through. However, I think my former church is steps behind this and may have pulled back into the shell. They plan to be “not emergent” but I believe they will go with spiritual disciplines and contemplative prayer full force one day.


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Impressed with William Tyndale who stood against King Henry VIII.  At his execution he prayed “Lord, Open the King of England’s Eyes!”  He did not pray for his own rescue, but for the very enemy who forced his execution.  This is the attitude we need to have when we speak the truth, and then are persecuted.  “Lord, open their eyes!”

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