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It’s not the end of the world, the pastor today in the church we’ve been attending mentions that his interpretation is not what matters of this text.  I am sorry, I’m being lazy right now and don’t know what text off the top of my head.  At any rate, he mentioned the part of the text (Peter) where it’s mentioned Jesus went to the spirits in prison during his 3 days in the grave bodily.  He speculated that had to do with the demons that possesed the people who mated with women in the times of Noah.  Okay, anyone ever hear of this?  Our former church pastor mentioned the Nephilim and how they were evil angels on earth, and now this pastor says the Nephalim are demon possessed and Jesus went and spoke to them during the three days he was in the grave.  Anyone?  Where are these things coming from?  I’ve NEVER heard that Jesus was speaking to demons, and these were the Nephilim (a demon possesed people during the time of Noah).  What?  The pastor did point out that this thing in the text is not something he knows for sure and others have different opinions, and don’t get caught up in this and please don’t miss the important points made by Peter for us otherwise.  Oh, so now I wonder if the points made were worth my time (by the pastor not by Peter).  I have to reread and see what was said.  He did say he doesn’t like to do a verse by verse analysis because that’s saved for Sunday morning bible study group and “life group” time.  He likes to do overview lessons on Sunday morning sermon time.  Huh. 

We also had a time of silence during the song set.  Not prayer, just silence.  Why again?  Lovely.  I hate to do this to my husband, but I am on my guard and I’m prepared to leave this one too.  He likes the people and so do I, some we know left our former church.  They support us as they had similar issues to us (but again, so many issues allow for differences).  I am just so tired and I feel we only now just started the battle.  Ugh.  God knows what he is doing, and we have to trust him and not give in so easily.  Of course, I haven’t given the new to me pastor a chance yet.  If he hears from our former pastor, he may boot us (if he’s Warrenite anyway).  If he’s Willard’s disciple, he’ll likely do the same…but in a kind and loving way.  Of course, maybe I should be trusting?  I don’t know.  I have a hard time turning off skepticism.  I really do.


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