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The church we’ve been visiting the last several weeks has one little habit that bothers me.  They have an aversion to the word Christian.  I cannot stand this.  It’s like they’re allergic.  People, please, it’s what our type have been called over two thousand years.  Two thousand.  It was good enough for the martyrs in Rome, it’s good enough for me.  Yes, we all know we’re Christ followers, but give me a break…I am a Christian and I’m not afraid to say it.  Otherwise, the sermons seem pretty good so far.  The pastor correctly spoke about the time when Peter got out of the boat, he noted that Peter lost his focus on Christ and lost faith and began to falter.  Yep, it wasn’t that a bunch of “boat potatoes” were sitting in the boat while Peter took a risk.  The fact is, Peter in his zeal stepped out (for what motive?), and he lost his focus on Jesus and he sank.  The great thing about this account is Peter was then able to call out to Jesus and Jesus rescued him.  That’s the account.  I do not think we should be able to write a whole book about the ones who stayed in the boat, nor should we commend Peter so much.  The one to be commended is Jesus for saving Peter.  Period.  That was nice to hear today in a sermon.  My 10 year old daughter even noticed that the pastor said, “Christ followers like a million times.” 

Our old lead pastor responded to us about meeting, and basically proclaimed that the sermons were not filled with men’s quotes, were not emergent at all, and were not focused on man rather than Christ.  Oh, but if we still wanted to meet, he’d listen to us.  Hmmm, yep, I’ll get right on that.  Actually, a friend suggested we come with documentation and flow charts and the like.  Another friend says don’t do it, it’s just an exit meeting and we’ve already had an exit letter.  We’ve done enough.  I want to meet, my husband doesn’t.  So, I go with my husband, and for now, no meeting.  I can still prepare the flow charts though.  Actually, we’re going to pray even more.  We’ll see what happens.  It’s going to all shake out in the end.


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