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Recieved and email response from our pastor from the old church.  He wants a face to face…doesn’t see what we’re talking about.  Told a couple we know that the pastor wishes to meet.  The wife laughed outloud (she’s such a meek, kind woman…so this shocked me).  She said, “we’ll be praying for you on that.”  She then said that this pastor is intimidating in a face to face.  I will not publish his letter here, but I feel the tone is one of challenge.  He may not see it, we’ll give him that wiggle room.  He didn’t deny the problems completely in his response, just seems he thinks he’s not  part of the problem.  Even if he preached all of his sermons from the Bible, I think he, being the lead pastor, is responsible.  Our old church is elder controlled and yet the pastors teach and so the pastors are, in my view, responsible.  After all, they endorse books, encourage the way people study, and have a big impact on the thinking of people in the week.  They are recognized as an authority even if they want to deny they have power.  He should be speaking against things, if he cannot change the church through vote power and eldership power, he sure can preach the truth and preach against the wrong things going on.  Why hasn’t he done this?  I believe it’s because he’s in it…but then again, if he really doesn’t know what he’s part of is wrong, he could possibly be opened up to the actual truth. 

Pray, pray, pray.  I will be praying also.  I hope for something good to come from all this mess…but Gods will be done.  God tends to use messes for good even when we cannot see it ourselves.


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