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herescope response

We believe you will find very practical and helpful information at Berit Kjos’s website www.crossroad.to which covers a great deal of material on church transformation issues. She has heard from many people who are in your situation and offers some practical insights.

We tell people that it is a matter of personal conviction and conscience, and should be a matter of prayer and seeking the Lord. If there is a door open to speak — gently and meekly, but without compromising the truth — then the Lord may have you warn. The series we ran on Herescope called “Contentiously Contending” by Pastor Anton Bosch may provide some helpful quidelines.
We have known of some people who simply had to leave without being able to speak to the leaders, due to various problems or obstacles. 
The more you can research on these “emergent” patterns, the better “armed” you will be with information and knowledge. Unfortunately many of these pastors were trained by Leadership Network (or related groups) in how to be deceptive in this transformation process. Many pastors have been trained as “change agents” and they will not be easy to speak to. Even if you have much information factually, it may be difficult personally because of how you are treated by them. And recall that Rick Warren told pastors to adopt Peter Drucker’s model of “abandon” those who don’t go along with change in your organization. So these churches going through transition leading to transformation will often be very happy to get rid of the old “fundamentalists” who may oppose their new plans. 

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