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I am beginning to seek out in what way I should study God.  I have recently had my world turned upside down by realizing my church has dipped it’s toe in the emergent movement and not so recently either.  I’m having to decide what exactly I plan to do about this, actually, what exactly God would lead me to do about this.  I must pray, study, pray some more, pray with my husband, and we must together move forward in complete faith that it’s all in God’s timing, in His will, and in His way.  I am a Christian and choose to proudly use this title as it’s the title given those like me in Antioch (recorded in Acts).  There are those who are “Christian no more” but are calling themselves “Christ followers.”  Well, I am not opposed to being called a Christ follower, but I refuse to give in to this age, this world, or whoever it is these people are in compromise with.  I am a CHRISTIAN. 


Besides this seeking and change that may be coming in our lives, we are a family of many.  We have been blessed with six born children.  I homeschool some, and home public school some.  I hate housework, so you can guess that walking in our house is, well, an adventure.  However, I am training my children to be a part of the solution and not the problem by helping out around here and it’s getting better. 


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